M Night | Cocktails and Skin on M Street


Published August 12, 2014

Warning: this is not a date spot. 
Well, it would have to be a very understanding date. But you’re better off bringing an very understanding boss.  
Come up with a handy alibi while you hang out at MPire Club in the space that once housed the similarly inclined Joanna’s 1819 Club, soft-opening later this week.
What we’ve got here are three floors of Roman-style relief sculptures, crystal chandeliers and mirrors. If you’re just dropping by, check out the surprisingly solid cocktail list, where you can sample their takes on a Blood and Sand or an Aviation.
But if you’re in it for the long haul, start with small plates like the Carthage (lamb sausage) or the Naples (mushroom ravioli in pistachio cream) before moving on to bottle service upstairs, if that’s your thing.
It’s all enough that you might overlook the light shows synced up with the DJ music. Or the VIP room ringed with birch branches. Or the dancers on either side of each bar.
Or the other dancers, suspended overhead on glass stages that come complete with showers, for a Flashdance-type experience.
But with fewer clothes. In case that wasn’t clear.
It’s good, clean fun.